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Thread: So i have become a bowler....

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    Last month some of my friends and I have taken a step further into bowling than the "just for fun" bowlers.

    Started with the ball going at 18 Km/h and hitting anything but what i was aiming for. Now i seem to pick up about 60% of the spares, and have no trouble getting the ball the pass 35km/h (or is it Meters per second.. not really sure here, as i said i just started)
    Just set a new personal record today, a smashing 191 \o/

    So now we have all orderd our own bowling balls and shoes. This seems to be a consistent tip form most of the tip sites we have found.

    So here comes the reason for this beeing posted in the torrent selection..
    Anyone know some sites that got some bowling videos / E-Books or even uploads the shows as they appar on TV ?
    IE: Pokerbay

    I have found some videos on youtube, but the quality there is so bad its amost impossible to see what they are doing to get revs or hooks on the balls. We are striving to become better, and looking for just about any information we can get. Any help would be apricaiated, public trackers or private trackers dont matter. Even if you know a good website just for tips its welcome.

    Thats for your time.

    Yeah, not at my home computer. So i dont that that lovely spell cheack that comes with Firefox...
    So if you find any errors regarding my spelling you may keep them. tahnk yuo!
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