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Thread: Xbox Modchips

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    i have enough money to buy a xbox mod chip i want one really bad but i cannot install it even with a tutuorial i couldnt i have allready read through the matrix modchip instilation and it has no wires to soder!!! could i bring my xbox and a modchip to compusa and have them install it for me?

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    I don't think so, since modchips are illegal (I think) in the USA. If you're not good at soldering, then just get someone who is a good solderer and ask if he/she could solder the modchip for you.

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    Why don't you try the no mod chip hack that was released awhile ago?

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    I don't want to sound like a jerk, but if Twister can't figure out how to install the Matrix mod chip, there is no way he/she is going to be able to get that hack to work. I'm no brilliant computer guru or anything, so I had no luck making that hack work, but I was able to easilly install the Matrix mod chip, (of course I have a version 1.0 XBox which is the easiest to mod. Twister, if I were you I would just ask a few of your friends to help you try to figure out how to put that chip in since it's really pretty easy. There are tutorials all over the internet which do a great job explaining the instalation in detail.

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    hhhmm one of my friends is really good at insides of computers i will ask him thx guys


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