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Thread: What Do To With .bin Files?

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    Got myself to this tutorial here: and can't make heads or tails out of it! Can someone PLEASE explain this in idiot's terms? I already have the latest Nero. Can't I just burn the downloaded file right to the CD?

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    I didn't read it but burning .bins and .cues with nero is simple they should post a pinned topic about this look all u do is go to file>burn image then go to the destinatioon of the .cue folder make sure the .bin is in the same folder

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    Couple questions:

    1: The .cue is the file I downloaded that tells Kazaa where to download the ACTUAL file, right? That file being the .bin file.

    2: I have to download another copy of the .cue file for this to work, right?

    3: The ONLY thing I need to make sure of is that they are in the same folder and Nero will do the rest for me, right?

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    Idiot guide in the link in my signature, it is idiot proof it so easy to use.

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    It may be, but it doesen't answer my questions or discuss putting a .bin ON TO a CD.

    Now, can't I just burn the .bin DIRECTLY on to the CD?

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    If there isn't an obvious link at their site, look through the forums for what you want.
    The site is dedicated to burning CD's/ DVD's , especiall movies, but it's quite similar.

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    No help there. That site is where the above link came from.

    I caught a reference that only Nero needs the .cue to make it work properly. If I got a different CD-burning program, would I be able to just burn the .bin DIRECTLY onto the CD and have it work properly?

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    Originally posted by NeonG@25 July 2003 - 05:21
    It may be, but it doesen't answer my questions or discuss putting a .bin ON TO a CD.

    Now, can't I just burn the .bin DIRECTLY on to the CD?
    What are you talking about fella, you want to use a diffrent program well the link that i gvae you is all about that. You want to put the bin directly on the cd, what like data, then it is just a bin on a cd, same as it is on your hardrive, it will not work to run the game from. What do you want to do?

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    I hate bin files with passion to much work not able to preview them either I convet bin files to ISI with Winiso much easier

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    Getting late... ugh

    All I want is a SIMPLE step-by-step for making a .bin into a working game CD.

    Now, I've got the full .BIN file downloaded into My Shared Folder. From what I've tried to glean from all this info is that I needed another copy of the file I downloaded into My Shared Folder to get the actual download started. I got that and opened it with Notepad. It showed me a buttload of those stupid squares and a jumbled filename down at the bottom.

    Now, where do I go from here?

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