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    Anyone know if you can change the language to English?

    Can't seem to find anything in Profile?


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    no english

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    how do you change your Email address?

    moved to a new Gmail A/C & it wont accept it?


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    you can change the Email adress, but you alsow need the old adress to confirm the modification (this to prevent stelling of the accounts).

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    I see, I'll log into my old email & pick this up from there - thanks

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    In order to change your email adress you must go into your Profile. Modify the "Adresa E-Mail" field with your new email adress. Press OK and wait until you receive on your old email adress a confirmation link. It usually arrives immediately. Confirm the link. In a couple of seconds you will receive automactically another email on your new email adress this time. You must confirm that link also. After this you will see that your email adress has been changed in your profile.

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    Thanks Kraven - appreciated as ever


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