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Thread: Cd Crack, Warcraft 3

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    i have replaced the warcraft 3 exe witht he razor cd crack but the program wont even run now. any suggestion about what i am doing wrong. thanks

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    try going HERE to get new

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    Every Warcraft III crack I have seen comes with two files, a hacked war3.exe and a file. You need both of these files in your Warcraft III directory.

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    any ot the ones i have found only have the war3 exe and the map edit. nothing else. nothing any places where i might find one.

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    applied cracks. put in program directory for warcraft 3. now game dll wont load. still not working. any further suggestions of what i am doing wrong.
    please help.

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    You need both files in there. and war3.exe need to be in your Warcraft directory.

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    i did apply both, but it still doesnt work. i did remane the war3.exe to warIII,exe to repace the existing exe file in program file. is this what i do, for it still does not work could someone give me a step by step. for i am just stupid or something.



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