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Thread: Aim password cracker question

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    im not asking for one, my friend just said he had one and all the sudden he got a screename that looked like someone would have gotten it. is it possible to do?

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    He probably got the password using a keylogger or some similar method. Another common one is to use a program that reads the registry and extracts password information. (Google "AIM password cracker" to see the program I am talking about) Both of these require access to the person's computer.

    There is really no way to brute force an AIM account, or even use a dictionary attack. The protocol is just too slow to make anything like that practical. There are many Perl modules for interfacing AIM, so you could write your own to try every password in a dictionary. But again, over the network this would be very very slow. And I'm not sure but AIM may lock you out after a certain amount of attempts.


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