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Thread: Ipod Touch Help ( Wifi )

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    ok i got my ipod touch 16 gigs yesterday today i was able to connect it to Safari at school only in the library and science class haha but anyways i was wondering is there something that will hack into other wireless connecs that are password protected i was thinking of getting Jailbreak but im not sure if that will work lol...where i live there are 14 people with wifi around 3 which have a very low signal i cant connect to one is an open wifi but i have to go outside to connect to it lol.... i tried all hotspots in my house

    Can anyone help me out??


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    haha i think i just found a answer for my question just wanna run it by with you guys

    this is the part
    So we now have an iPod Touch that can:
    • Email
    • ------>>>>this one>>>Connect to my VPN or any of my customer VPNs<<<
    • Screen Sharing via a VNC client
    • SSH/SFTP to any machine I have an account on
    • Google Maps
    • Ability to enter iCal events (not just view them)
    if i am rite VPN will allow you to connect to those other people that have secuirity on their wifi connection rite????


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