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Thread: Sim City 4

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    I just installed sim city 4 and then i copied the no cd crack and when i go to open sim city using the crack the screen goes all screwy and it comes up with 2 errors
    "The configuration file (graphics Rules.sgr) cannot be parsed. Using built-in rules"

    "Unable to find game data. This is likely an installation problem or operating system problem"

    anybody know wut might be wrong. Plz help!!!

    P.S. am running
    AMD XP 2000
    512 MB pc133
    32mb ati rage 128
    30 GB HD
    Windows XP Pro

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    I've had exactly the same experience. Has anyone figured this one out?

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    i have a problem with my simcity. i start playing the game, and then all of a sudden the game exits by itself back to the desktop. anyone know how i can solve this problem

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    i think i figured out the problem. I think the first error message has to do with the fact that i dont have a video card supported by the sim city. the second error is because i dont think the cd crack that wus included in the download is any good. i downloaded another one and it works fine, although i have to use software render till i get a new graphics card =(

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    yeah a 32 meg video card thats pretty crappy

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    i think that happened because there's prob with the graphics card and the crack is in the wrong location


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