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Thread: Videos Online?

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    Ever since youtube went to sh*t, I've been searching for a solid website to satisfy all of my video needs... Like for example, if I want to watch a clip from South Park or Family Guy, or if I want to watch an old St. Pierre vs Matt Hughes fight, I don't know where to go....

    Where do you guys watch your online videos???

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    I'm watching online videos only at YouTube... But you can check:

    Two Polish sites... A lot of funny videos, music, pictures etc.
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    If you're over 18, is a good site. ;-)

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    f no
    pwnz youporn and porntube and pornotube and all those crap

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    789 is pretty cool
    they have movies catoons and anime like tv links did.
    Also stage 6 has good quality srteaming video


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