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Thread: Best Tracker For Soca Dancehall And Reggae music

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    It's in the title:p I search the torrent tracker who got the most soca reggae dancehall reggaeton music on it!

    Thanks you

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    let me know pls, if you've found sthing : )

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    I dont about the best tracker but 'what' has reggae music.
    I dont know what Soca Dancehall is?
    And they didnt have a category

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    I'm looking for the same thing, let me know. stmusic and filemp3 has a few random dancehall torrents but nothing good or that I like.

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    Dancehall is like Sean Paul Track And soca is music from caribbean islant with a high BPM! Soca track are in "Other" Category! Im on filemp3 and stmusic too and they have some but not very much!

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    Try Waffles or ST Music

    Excuse Me?
    Didn't Think So!


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