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Thread: How Do U Burn Packed Files Into An Iso?

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    i've downloaded some iso's but they are rar files and when i open one, it is full of other rar files. how do i burn all these rar files into cd images?

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    I knew someone would catch me on this.

    Are all the rars in side the first one numbered 00 , 01 , 02 , etc ?

    Normally you'd just click on 00 and the rest will self extract to he destination folder as a single file or .iso in this case. Then you gotta look up above this thread for the rest of it. (Nero)

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    they don't start self extracting after one another. i open the first one and try to move it, but it says i'm missing a volume. they are in numerical order. i know how to burn iso's, but these all these rar files have me stumped.
    i know these are legit files cause i didn't get them off fasttrack. pls hlp

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    As Balamm said normally you just open the lowest one with winrar and then they extract a.bin or a .cue or sometimes you might get .ccd .sub,these are clone cd images.

    What game is it your trying to burn?

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    symantec antivirus corp 8.5 3cd, fruity loops studio 4.1, and adobe 6 pro


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