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Thread: Help with chemistry please..

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    Well, I'm in need of some help for my chemistry lesson.

    We did an experiment, and as a result, we need to come up with new questions regarding Ions of iron (Fe). Well, my questions goes as follows: "Does the pH of the area the ions are in, have an effect on the concentration of the ions?". I claimed that the lower the pH, the more concentrated the ions will get, as in a lower pH area, there are more OH- ions, which fit with the Fe +3 or +2 ions.. Though I am totally unsure about this.

    Could do with a second, third and even a tenth opinion here.


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    Haven't you got that the wrong way round?
    Lower pH means more H+ ions, not more OH- ions.

    Assuming you meant higher pH, a concentration of OH- ions will certainly attract the FE+ ions, but the lighter OH- ions would be attracted into the lower pH area much more rapidly so unless something was removing the OH- ions equilibrium would quickly be achieved.

    That's the principal of electroplating, the anode removes OH- ions, converting them to water and H2, the cathode becomes coated with the neutralised ions of the metallic anions.
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    Yeah, I got it the wrong way round.. Was in a hurry when writing the topic.

    Thing is, the whole idea of getting into the lab was checking ions of Fe.. Weird because we didn't get too much instruction on what we needed to do. Te be honest, it said in the paper to write down 5 "interesting and relevant" questions regarding Iron (Fe) in our foods. (Sounds childish but it goes towards my highers). Anyhoo, after that, it said we needed to pick one of the questions and make it into a proper investigative question. Now, maybe there's something simpler I could come up with to try and tackle this weird obstacle of writing down a question, and writing all of the stages needed to complete the study - In other words, write down the question, write an assumption, the whole planning of the exoeriment, and all the stuff I would need to use for it. As in, it's all a theoretical thing, but it needs to be done..

    Thanks lynx.. You're really helping me out here a bunch..

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    In fact, where in the area where the pH is higher there's more OH- but the solution keep a global charge of 0... Where the pH is higher there's less OH- BUT more other ions that bears a minus charge in order to keep the electroneutrality of the solution. So I don't think that your Fe ions will be attracted in the "highest pH area".


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