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Thread: Dvd Burner

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    sorry its 4am here and im really bored and i saw a add on tv for a dvd burner...just wanna hear ur thoughts....and seprate fact/fiction for n00bs

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    pros and cons? I dont think there are any cons, nothing serious at least.

    there are a multitude of formats, but that can be solved by getting a multi format dvd burner. They arent cheap, but then, thats not really a con I dont think. Other then that, there arent many drawbacks. Not many burn all that fast yet either.

    They hold a shitload of data, easy to install, you can "make backups" of your dvds, makes dvdr's, etc.

    If you have the $$ to spend, and get a multiformat drive, there really isnt a con to it...


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