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    Like many others, I have come here today seeking a Waffles invitation. In contrast to the rest, I would like to express to you why I want to join this community and how I plan to keep myself in good standing, for both my inviter and the sake of my own account.

    As a person who is both passionate about music and grateful for its existence, I welcome any opportunity that would grant me access music at no cost and expose me to new artists. Because I value each of my tracker accounts and understand they are merely a privilege that may be revoked at any moment, I have set some guidelines for myself:

    *Read each trackers ruleset, as they may differ from one another
    *Take part in the community, if there is a community to engage in
    *If you cannot donate money to your most valued trackers, donate bandwidth instead ( i.e. upload, upload, upload)

    By sticking to this easy to follow code of ethics, I know my accounts will remain intact, and with time I am able to become a beneficial member of the community.

    I understand how valuable and precious these invites are, and I realize I may not ever be given access to one. But I'd like to take a chance today and ask. I would also like to offer one of my invites in exchange for your Waffles, if you don't already have an account.

    If you've read this far, thank you; I'm sure you've browsed through many Waffles requests. I appreciate you taking the time to read this one.

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    pm your mail .

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    I'm glad you actually took some time to make a decent request, i'm getting sick of seeing one-line requests like "can i plz have waffles?" If Music Master hadn't replied first i would've gave you an invite myself
    And you know what? Macs are too hip. "Oh, look at me! I do graphic design! I wear women's jeans and hang out in coffee shops! I'm a DJ!" Well good for you. My computer is not a fashion statement. It's a computer.
    - Looking for invite - Thanks Magnum

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    I have received an invite. Thanks guys, I do appreciate you taking the time to read and reply!


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