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Thread: Rise Of Nations

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    hi guys
    i just got rise Rise_of_Nations - ShareReactor.exe (555.828 kb)
    i renamed the file to Rise_of_Nations - ShareReactor.iso and mounted it into the Virtual Drive from CloneCD.
    i enter the product key and so on, but at 52% i get the error:

    "Disk error writng C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Rise of NAtions\art\snow\librart_6t_snow.tga. Make sure your hard disk is not full, and that the file is not in use"

    well, i haven't got any backgroundprograms or anything running, and i got 3 gb hd-space left...So what can be the problem? thank you a lot.

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    Probably corrupt you could redownload, or try renaming as a bin file and get the cue file then use Nero to burn the image.

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    Yeah its corrupt man I had the same problem. I had to download it three times before it finally installed all the way. good luck

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    thanks for the replies guys, but gbfan, which one did you downloaded in the end?

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    Yea glofan, say it

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    Well, it's available on SuprNova, but their tracker is down, plus no-one's currently seeding it.

    Or, you could get it from eMule, but speeds are slow as hell ...


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