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Thread: What Is "dvd Screener"

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    what is dvd screener.

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    I think a DVD screener is when some1 films a dvd (while its running) using a video camera. Should be reasonable in quality.

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    a dvd screener is a rip from a dvd that was used for screening purposes. Ie a rip from a dvd that was given out to certain people (eg film reviewers)
    Should be normal dvd rip quality, but usually has writing somewhere on the screen saying that its a promotional disk

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    a dvd screener is a rip from an actrual dvd source then coverted to a certain file such as DivX. these files are very good quality and are recommened for downloading.

    the only problem is that the files are some what rare.

    happy hunting !

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    a dvd screener is usually used for academy awards reveiwing and sometimes (actually nearly always) it leeches and becomes available for all of us.

    examples of screeners: LOTR 2, James Bond-Die Another Day and many many more.


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    The above definitions are true.
    Pre-release DVD screeners are getting kind of thin on the ground as the studios are well aware of how easily they can be put on the network nowadays.
    Instead of sending out hundreds of DVDs to critics, it's now becoming more common to have special, closed, advance screenings, so as to control the leaking problem.
    Of course the whole problem will reassert itself as the industry goes to digital projection ( as opposed to real film) cause it will be so much easier to rip a perfect copy.
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