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Thread: FTN Invites For Christmas

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    Let's see if we can match up inviters with invitees shall we?


    If you have an invite or two you would like to pool, then leave a message below with how many you can spare, or PM me directly with how many you are willing to pool.

    I will keep a running total until it has run its natural course and died a death.


    If you have requested an FTN invite recently and not been granted it, then post below with a link to your request. No new requesters allowed.


    If you as inviter or invitee do not to wish your invite to go to, or come from, a certain poster that has posted in this thread, then let me know by PM and it will be done.

    If you as inviter wish to invite a certain member within this thread, then PM them directly and also let me know that they can be removed from the list as fulfilled.

    No account traders, no traders offering a seedbox or requesting a seedbox in return for an invite or account, ever.

    Preference given to the older active members who have not yet got FTN over the more junior members who recently asked.

    Seeing that it's Christmas, I'll start by putting one invite in the pot

    Any stupid good luck posting spam will be reported, and believe me, I'm good at that!
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    in your pants
    it's too bad that i'm discounted because i haven't begged but oh well. enjoy this nice gesture guys.

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    pictures of you!! pictures of me!!

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    Now u make me wish I had requested for a invite earlier. Nevertheless nice gesture in the spirit of christmas.

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    SgtMajor , i have a doubt , can i pm you ?

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    i bet i can get an invite if it was for a very worthy candidate, e.g. someone the staff knows from another tracker; i'll see what i can do, though

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    hmm i have a friend of mine who said he doesnt use ftn anymore.and soo he said he would give me his account in ftn (ftn power) i wanted to get into ftn real bad... and in return i gave him waffles invite(2 weeks back) wasnt a trade exactly...i know it does seems to be a trade,but it happens with equals...not waffles and ftn........ i know this guy from a while....he is a good friend of mine...anywas the account got disabled after a while..because of my ignorance and foolishness ...he never said anything to me about having lost his account...but i feel pretty bad about what happened...hmm of course losing ftn account and the worst part it being my friends account ..

    i will explain in detail if some one would offer me an invite....i was just tired of begging,and i got carried away by the fact that i would get into ftn....i wouldnt do the things i did in normal circumstances.. but getting into ftn for the first time after having waited for 3-4 months is quiet a feeling to suppress...and yeah i belive "friends happen, friends r not made" i havent made many friends here but helped a few whenever i could ,in private.....
    i have messaged brandon about this havent got any reply from him...well thats my story

    here is my ftn request ..and the only request i hoped would be filled...
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