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    I am trying to run a program on a disk called "yeardisk" the disk has photos that are controlled by this program. What happens is when i go to start it up it says yeardisk requires flash player 7 or greater. I have version 9 when i cancel to not update which i have already done already and it says it works ok, i get a error message incorrect player version plus "error! no player version can be found". Anyone have any ideas how to fix this problem.

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    I looked through the yearbook FAQs on their site. You're problem wasn't listed under those. However, to determine that this is not a problem with your flash player, you should check out this site first:

    If the site doesn't prompt you to upgrade or there are no problems then it is most likely a yeardisk problem entirely. I suggest you email customer support since they will have the most knowledge on the subject.


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