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Thread: "that Summer Soundtrack"

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    Does anyone know where i can get the sountrack (or even the track listings) form the film "That Summer". I think the soundtrack included Wreckless Eric and Elvis Costello.

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    Trevor Knightsmith

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    Question Mark

    Did you ever manage to find the soundtrack? If not, I have got it. It isn't actually the original, it is one that I have compiled myself. . Anyway, if you are interested contact me

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    It's a great album isn't it. I loved it when I heard it back in the 80's. I never forgot how much I liked it. It took me decades to track down the music. I got mp3 versions of the songs on the soundtrack at http://www.wheelchairanglingandhamra...20Winstone.htm. He's a good man to have done us all such a great favour.

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    u can always try and search for it at limewire or any prog. like it !!!

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