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Thread: How to fix 'audio out of sync' in VLC Player

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    Great tutorial ! Keep sharing such wonderful information.

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    For whomever this may be of interest, this works fine, but not if you're going to broadcast on Plex. On these cases, I've found that the only way is to find out what the delay is (in ms), open the .mkv in Mkvtoolnix, then select the audio track, set the delay and "start multiplexing". Yes, that will give you another file, of the same size, but synced, with no need to adjust on the fly, which is not possible on Plex.

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    Thank man, really helped.

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    Saved this for the future as i've ran into this a ton of times but always ended up re-downloading the file via alternative option

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    thanks for this

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    Note there's also a delay setting for subtitles.
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