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Thread: File Sharing Please Read

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    Can you get in trouble if you only download music and not share music ?
    I have disabled sharing on Kazaa Lite, will this help protect me from the RIAA ?

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    As far as I know its what you've got on your hard disk that counts - if you've already got the CD's and the mp3s etc are for backups then you're OK. You can enable sharing for this reason because its the downloaders responsibility to either delete what they've downloaded (I think within 8 hours) or to have an original copy.

    As the helpfile says if no-one shares no-one can download which defeats the object of P2P. Basically I'd advise allowing sharing andmake sure you have the originals (IMHO)

    Edit: from the options menu I quote "P2p networks exist because people share. If nobody shares nobody can download so please don't turn off file sharing. A lot of people will cancel downloads to people who don't share - everybody is able to share"

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    no there only looking for people who share. if you dont share they dont get you. BUY SHARE ANYWAY YOU BLODDY LEECH!!

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    how would they knwo what you have on your hard disk?


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