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Thread: A doubt with Tzulo Seedbox

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    Hi, i just rented a tzulo seedbox 1 day ago, i made the pay, but they didnt sent me any user or password, or IP or suscription number, i dont know much how they work and how much time will take they send this dates to me. Anyone used it already? Any info about this will be greatfull.

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    id say give it a day or two more before you get really worried, but if it reached a week with no contact id see about getting my money back.
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    No don't wait a week ffs

    I was with tzulo going back and I got my details within a few hours...

    As it's xmas the guy is prob busy... it actually seems like a one man show to me as the same guy does everything but he is cool...

    Email him again NOW, you see an email addy on the site, something like web......@tzulo and just ask him how much longer it will take...

    The site is good believe me, I just wanted more bandwidth and speed so I changed over.

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    yeah they are pretty cool... was before there costumer and they replay in few hours i am sure your info will arrive shortly
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