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Thread: How Can I Transfer Video From A Vhs Tape To My Pc?

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    any1 know?

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    real easy--need a capture card or something like dazzle (circuit city) about 60 bucks--plug into vcr and usb port and start capture--software is included--i've done all of my vhs tapes then converted to xsvcd and put on cd..

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    Or some graphics cards can act as a TV Tuner and if you plug the cord to your vcr to the card, you can watch tapes and even record 'em as a valid movie file extension format. Even a few slightly old ones such as the latest Voodoo 3 graphics card or some of the Radeon cards. I do mine like that.

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    go to

    Tiger Direct

    they have some pretty cheap tv in cards, but good ones
    (i got an ati one for like $30)


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