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Thread: missing cab file

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    I was trying to install win98 se on my pc and i am missing 45cab file.does anyone have that i might copy it please

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    If you have a legit copy of 98 then you probably have the cab file but the installer is failing to find it. I used to go thru this a lot when I was reinstalling win98. You can either use another pc to search the 98 disk for the exact name it asks for, or manually look when it says it can't find the file. I used to go thru the disk folder by folder until I found the files, the search window would list the name of the file at the bottom and when I finally found the right folder, the same name would then be listed in the search window.

    I looked at my disk, the file is directly under the win98 folder. I would be glad to upload it for you but I suspect I would just be opening a can of worms. If one is missing then so are others. On my disk they go all the way from to and except for the last one they're all 1,760kb. Are you missing any other numbers?

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    did you find out if you have all your files or which ones you do need


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