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    Does anyone here run this program and have any feedback on it? I was looking into using it but unfortunately it requires that you have at least 100kB/s upload (which I don't) and all the instructions are in Japanese which I can only read a tiny bit of.

    If someone would be kind enough to post anything like a translation of the instructions, some of your thoughts on the program anything like that, I would appreciate it because I'd like to use it when I upgrade my connection.

    More info can be found here:

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    An English version of this has been released a short while ago (check this thread: )

    Perfect Dark is seen as the successor for Winny and Share, two of the most used P2P programs in Japan. Its userbase is still relatively small, but all the signs are there that it is rising. For instance, it's encryption and security haven't been compromised yet.

    There aren't a lot of users outside Japan on the Perfect Dark network (yet), but if you're going for TV or DVD-rips of anime, movies or even porn from Japan, you'll enter heaven

    Mind you, the Japanese "scene" seems to be non-existent, and no standards are followed when ripping movies. Almost everything seems to be "home rips" in WMV format for DVD's. The Matroska container is also quite popular.


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