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Thread: Query - Anti-trojans

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    For a while, I've been using Anti-Trojan - But I'm somewhat being a little suspicious about its effectiveness Which is why I'm thinking about replacing it with another AT.

    Are there any other ones you guys recommend? Some pointers though :-
    • Free or not does not matter - If you don't know already, you're in the wrong forum
    • Do not recommend an anti-virus - Despite what they say on the tin, they are not the best. Mainly because of the name - They specialise in viruses, not trojans
    • Don't just say your favourite and say it's the best - Explain why it's the best (e.g. Does it have frequent definition updates? Is the interface easy to use? Do you honestly trust it?)

    Sorry if that's a little overboard - Fact is that this is a genuine request for recommendations and I don't want it going in to another unconstructive debate of "I've got the best" "No, I've got the best"

    Any of the mature regulars will have no problem both understanding & following that

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    Trojan Remover aids in the removal of Trojan horses when standard antivirus software has failed to detect them or is unable to eliminate them. Trojan Remover was written to let you carry out a removal without having to manually edit system files, including the Windows Registry. Trojan Remover also gets rid of the additional system modifications some Trojan horses carry out, which are ignored by other virus and Trojan horse scanners.It includes an integral updater allowing you to quickly check online for updates. I dont really trust it cuz i have used it for 2 days.

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    Advisable would be a combination of detection software and a firewall that checks (besides incoming) outgoing traffic.
    What I have used in the past were Moosofts antitrojan-software (trial-ware)
    and pestpatrol (lite edition is free but fully working corp-edition is around :check verifieds .Special note :lite-ed. does not remove trojans,only detects )
    As to quality :I have to admit I never had a trojan so despite of what you say about virusscanners :interception in downloadphase is still the best method.

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    I personally like Tauscan. It has an auto updater that updates around once every week or two (last update was on the 16 with protection against 4451 trojans) and has a system monitor like Norton and that. The monitor shows all the processes and scans them and lets you kill/remove trojans from them. Then you have the option of how and what it scans. It works pretty good.


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