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Thread: what do you think about ts-tracker?

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    i haven't read much about ts-tracker in this forum. (understandable because it's german).

    it's always interesting to hear opinions outside of the tracker forum.

    there might be some fellow members here.

    so what's your feedback on the tracker?

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    well , i would also want to know some things about it . I heard that it's a good tracker but i would like to know more detailed info

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    Well it is a pretty good tracker, prolly the best german tracker...
    I dont use it very often except when friends want some german stuff but I can tell that you still can get some nice speeds on old stuff since ppl seed stuff a long time to get their ratio.
    A lot of user complain because there are no rules for webseeder and overseeding is quite a problem there, apparently the staff is thinking bout doing something against it ...
    You can get almost everything and it is not only scene stuff( users can upload stuff too if they meet certain requirements...).
    Dunno what else u want to know but you can send me a pm if you want to ask somethign bout it ~.~

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    its a very good tracker according to my friends. It's only good for germans though, since mostly or all the contents is german. My friends, german he's been looking for it for a while now ..anyone got a spare invie with them ? Thanks in advance

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    thanks for info


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