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Thread: Which speed test is correct?

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    I am getting very different results from 2 speed test sites. - 5k down - 11k down

    Uploads are the same, but the disparity between the two for downloads is strange. I have tried testing them a few times and get the same results.

    Strange part is that when I test my main PC, I get normal results. These erratic results are from my new lappy I just bought.

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    The correct speed would be the one that's closest to the speed you get from your PC, or teh speed you pay for.

    For the record I get the same reslt from both sites.
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    Maybie the different between the speedtests could be because of the Ping...

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    187 is correct

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    well, what's the maximum download speed you getting??

    with 11k, you should be at 1.5mb/s download, with 5k, more like 600-700kb/s

    and yea, you can also see on ur provider site, they usualy say upload and download speed


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