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Thread: I Need Help With A Game And Winrar

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    Ok I got BattleField1942.... I open it with WinRar and then the first File says (100%) All Files
    Then it goes like this

    Flt-Bfr.001- all the way to Flt-Bfr.034
    then one files at the end say Flt-Bfr,nfo
    then another says Flt-Bfr-sfv

    What do I burn or how do I install the game?

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    Now, open up the .001 file in WinRAR, it's just another archive. The SFV is a checksum verifier, you can get programs that use the SFV file to make sure all the archives aren't corrupted.

    When you get those files out, post again if you can't figure out how to burn.

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    O extracted the files in 001 i think if i Remember correctly its a bin file.. Now what

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    Use your burning software to burn the .BIN to a CD-R then install. Or download Alcohol 120% and emulate the CD, so you won't have to burn anything.


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