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Thread: The Best Internet Browser That

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    I'm currently using avant browser and that uses quite a lot of my system recourses, so i was just wondering what the best Internet browser that uses the least system recourses is?

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    i think opera is does not use much resources
    its also fast
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    I agree, Opera 7.11 is pretty much the best. If you download the browser without the Java Runtime Environment, its only about 3 mb.

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    i think dat obiwan is rite

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    Originally posted by ObiWan@25 July 2003 - 20:59
    i think opera is does not use much resources
    its also fast
    That is because it doesn't use much resources.

    @ ghost944: Opera is very good and fast. Try it, you'll be amazed.

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    i have tried opera, but i would like to try something different that wont use up lots of recourses.

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    DOWNLOAD MOZILLA FIREBIRD, it uses less resources and it is faster than opera.
    Download it here

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    All web browsers use a ton of system resources. Get a faster pc and at least theyll be plenty of system resources to go around.

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    Well I use something different. I use MYIE2. its pretty cool. Comes with alot of features including the necessary ones such as tabbed browsing, pop-up killer, and skins. And its a small DL. only 1 meg! Try it if u don't wanna follow the crowd B)

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    Mozilla isn't faster than Opera. I've tried a lot of versions (the old one, Firebird, Phoenix, etc.), and Opera 7 was still the fastest.

    Well, all browsers that have TABS use a lot of RAM (the longer your session is the more RAM). So, if RAM is what bothers you, use IE or something.

    If you mean resources as in CPU time then Opera is by far the best, but it's not as compatible as IE browsers. I personally use NetCaptor 7.2 but it can sometimes take up a lot of resources. Mozilla doesn't take up that much, but just like Opera, it's only compatible with the w3c standards, which is about half of the total abilities of HTML/CSS.

    And since more and more web developers realize that IE is the most commonly used, they don't give a f*ck about standards. I, for one, don't (that is, i do try to follow standards but if there's something that's absolutely impossible to do with them, i don't add those scripts that detect your browser and chance stylesheets, etc. accordingly)... i think that sites should be divided into 2 - commercial sites should always do things to help the user, while personal/non-profit sites shouldn't care about standards - if a user wants to view them, they'll have to work harder, like by launching IE (everyone who has Windows has IE).

    So, i recommend NetCaptor, but Opera for low resources + speed.

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