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Thread: How To Burn Movies ?

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    I'm new here and totaly lost,I have no problem with downloads etc but can't burn anything and I'm not sure what else to do or what settings or whatever ... I have tried clicking on everything , can anyone PLEASE HELP ??

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    Visit dvdrhelp / for tutorials/guides/ illustration pics in burning and what programs to use. Check out the 'How To' section.
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    First off, you could start by telling us what burner software you have. That would help a lot. Then we in turn could help you out But that site is really good that was posted before my post.

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    OK thank's I'll try the site ... but it's a Mirror DVD+RW with ATAPI-interface !!? startup says Nero Burner software .

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    Just read the guide Corner Pocket psoted


    Download the AVI
    save the wav in virtualdub
    encode with TMPGEnc
    burn with Nero

    the guide will help you through it all

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    OMG... I have read the guide and I can't seem to launch Nero I think that's where I'm stuck, I just keep installing it againand again I can't get to the screen to follow these guides but I get the little screen nero media player which plays when I rocord a file ..... Is that it ??

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    If Nero came bundled with your CD-Writer it will only work with that. Be sure to select the correct drive from the Recorder -> Choose Recorder menu.


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