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Thread: McAfee virus scan plus for free

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    A legitimate link, and its free and legal. Scroll down a little and click on the big box that has McAfee in it...

    This is a free offer on the NatWest site:
    so it might only work for UK peeps (anyone say proxy?). You get a one year subscription.

    Sign up with fake name and real email and password, download their download manager, run it, input the email and password, and get program.

    This is useful for all those who dont trust torrents for their av or firewall...McAfee still sucks ass though.

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    no offence but McAfee is garbage. the only decent AVs out there are Kaspersky and NOD32. Norton is good too but it's a resource hog.

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    nod32 will save your souls...
    pictures of you!! pictures of me!!

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    Why would I need a one year's subscription when the full version is widely available for a similar price?

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    @MrLazy: no offence taken, they are the best unless you are among those who suffer the excessive system problems caused by KAV or Nod32. They are decent as you say but its the missed problems that using only one scanner causes that gives me a reason to download anf use as many av's as possible.

    @t0mmy: Souls? lol, no souls in my non-religion: I put my faith in KAV as active scanner and at least three others in the top ten as on demand scanners, oh and I also have the outstanding PrevX which I dont think was ever a torrent.

    @pro267: without going into excessive detail using torrents for your critical system security is asking for trouble. One example was the 'scene' version of zone alarm that had a whitelisted keylogger packaged with it.

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    use nod32. is the best!

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    but macfee is not that good

    bitdefender is besty anyways thanks

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    What the heck is No32? Is it that good that I haven't heard about it? I do remember using Kaspersky years ago though. Then I switched to Symantec AV Corporate and I never went back to anything else.

    I personally dislike Mcafee. Man I have to deal with it almost every day. I really dislike security software that includes so much crap on top of the AV scanner and just slows down the systems so much. For example Norton Internet Security and Mcafee.

    I have tried many AV software and I think Symantec AV Corp is the best. Is the one used by most big businesses too.

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    nod32 is best

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    i was useing many antivirus but my favorit are kaspersky, atm im using nod32 but i will soon delete it and start using kasparsky...

    Bitdefender is also very good


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