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Thread: Getting Splinter Cell To Work

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    why is it that cd one works fine, then it asks for cd 2 and is done with that the second i "insert" it into daemon tools. then it asks for cd3 and it does the same thing. then it asks for cd 0 with I've never seen anyone post a cd 4 before. is there one or is there a way for me to fix this?

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    also who knows when counter strike for the xbox is coming out??

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    I has this exact same problem when I d/led it from kazaa. I figuered it was a corrupt file and re-d/led of e-mule and had no problems after that. Where did you get the files from?

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    kazaa, i'll try and get them from emule. although that will take about 10 years. there's no way to fix this problem or i just have to download all over again on emule?

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    I got mine in 3 days from eMule...running 24 hours....kazaa is not big file friendly....way too much corruption, so what difference does it make if you get the file faster on kazaa if its corrupted anyway.

    Kazaa is only good if you can stay connected for the entire file( like with small files or MP3s)...once you loose your connection to that file you risk getting corruption...fasttrack needs to be redesigned to be able to download partial files, then the files can be broken up into many parts like eDonkey does and that virtually eliminates corruption.

    A few tricks of getting fast rates on eMule...have a good .MET address that loads lot of servers, you can also manually add other servers.

    Right click on all your downloads and set the priority to High

    Go to shared Files , right click and put the file you want the most on RELEASE...that will allow more people to get that file , and put you higher in Que for that same file

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    many mths ago when i got splinter cell the problem it had was the folder and file names on cd2 were not correctly displayed when you unpaked the bin file either by using deamon tools or burning the bin with nero...the way round it was to open the bin file with isobuster or similar and it will display the correct folder and file names and then you rename the folders and files you have extracted to your hdd. that is if your problem was the same as mine.......oh the game will install from the extracted files from the 3 bin files once put on your hdd with correct folder and file names..

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    thanks for the emule tips. only one question though, what do you mean by a good .MET address?


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