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    hey whats up everybody. im new to this site so i dont know the lingo and most of the stuff i read might as well be chinese. ive been downloading music for awhile, i started with Kazza then went to limewire, then bearshare. limewire is ok but id like to find a site where i can download whole albums. ive noticed alot of you guys talking about torrent sites. i dont wanna sound dumb but what is a torrent site? i just got here so i got a thousand questions dancing in my head but im gonna keep it short and simple. any help will be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    thanks for the link. some of the stuff im comprehending but it seems complicated. how would i go about getting a torrent site and downloading music? any help is greatly appreciated.

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    join a torrent site,download uttorrent configure it download music, what ever you want as long as you seed it back seed or bleed

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    Browse through all the forums. I would start with the bittorent section. In due time you'll have more then enough info.

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    Pay attention to the private tracker rules.
    Some of them use custom ones, regarding seed time, freeleeching and such.
    Also, read the FAQs (you can find the button on the main menu of each tracker) because you can find usefull information about user classes and their benefits, ratio stats, etc.

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    Try Brian's BitTorrent FAQ and Guide for the basics also this thread has some useful info in it.


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