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Thread: Who else ported from What to Waffles yesterday?

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    When told us there would be no freeleech for christmas, it would be an understatement so say that we were heartbroken. I myself had many albums lined up, ready to download victoriously, and was very sad to have had to delete my queue .
    Then, as if the little BT fairy answered my prayer, some serendipity led me to waffles to find out that they unexpectedly granted its users another freeleech!

    Wasting no time, I found the list of the albums I had wanted from and started searching for them on waffles. I found all of them and more! I was a very satisfied torrenter.

    Beforehand I would casually download from both sites ... an ebook there, and audiobook there, without really preferring one over the other... After this unexpected christmas present from waffles, however, I am pleased to call waffles my site of choice. I'll still keep up to date with and see if it has any torrents that isn't on waffles, but I think I've stuck to waffles for good.

    As anyone had the same experience? I don't know if this was waffles' intention, but I think their freeleech ported more than just me over to their side.

    Btw, Happy Holidays!
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    I don't have anything to download and that's worse . But I see your point, if they claim that they need more leechers a X-mas freelech would have been nice

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    I don't think you can evaluate the quality of a tracker according to the freeleech periods they have...

    Freeleech usually causes more problems with hit and runners etc, so in the long run I am not sure if it is that good for the file-sharing.

    Imagine what could happen if everyone waited for these freeleech periods to download from the trackers without seeding back what they got.

    I think that's what happening on both these trackers, which are almost dead the days they are not on freeleech, with zero snatches
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    I don't have waffles but if i did this would make no difference to me at all..

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    I would if Waffles didn't have that stupid fucking rule about avatars.
    Go Leafs Go.

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    i just got on waffles and its damn so easy to buffer
    in 2 days i got 0 down 60 gigs upload
    Down-Speed Up-Speed
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    No need to be cawks about it. Just follow the rules. Free isn't everything.

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    TorrentLeech also dont have any freeleech but that dosent mean i should go looking for others site that have it..i really dont care much

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    I'm downloading some stuff from Waffles for the free leech...but there's no way I'm just going to quit what. I actually prefer it a bit but both have problems. One of the biggest is people are just upping anything in the hope of getting some ratio but not leeching. The result of this is that the speeds are mixed to say the least. On some torrents they're just terrible. For example one bloke on Waffles has uploaded at least 20 torrents all at the same time who knows how thin his bandwidth is spread. One torrent I'm downloading now I'm connected to 6 seeders but only getting between 8-9 Kbps

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    Athough its disapointing that what did nothing for the holidays. It's certainly not a reason to abandon the tracker. Every one else did something so my bandwidth is spent right now anyways.

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