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    Well, I downloaded the trial of EyeConnect so I can stream videos from my mac onto the ps3 but the trial is almost done.
    I have searched every public tracker I could find for a torrent and also newsgroups and I can't find a cracked version.

    Anyone have it?


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    Nope sorry I looked for you and don't see it either . Is there a like program that may be easier to find ?

    Hmm how about Twonkyvision I see the trial has just a nag screen after the thirty days .
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    Yeh, EyeConnect and Twonky are the only ones I was able to come across too. Just hope the Connect360 group make a ConnectPS3 app soon.
    thanks for the tip on twonky btw, I could live with the nag screen i guess.

    EDIT: Hmm, when it expires the only file i get on my ps3 is something that says PRODUCT EXPIRED
    There's another one down the drain. I think I'll end up just paying for EyeConnect =/
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