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Thread: blackcats request

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    I'm pretty new to bittorrent, and would love to get more involved in other sites. My main site is tl, as I can find most of the things I want there. But I'm an avid gamer and there are many games that aren't at tl. Getting a blackcats invite is definitely one of the things on my Christmas list. Could someone please fulfill my wish and spare me a invite?

    Here is my speedtest:

    Happy holidays to everyone and best wishes for 2008!!

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    blackcats is sclosed for invites as well as signups. they will be opening soon so just wait

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    Alright, thank you. Do you mean open for signups or open for invites?

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    Invites have been closed for a long long time now. I haven't heard anything about them getting reopened soon.

    Here's some stats from the site...

    Max users 25000
    Registered users 54858

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    good luck

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    yea good luck mate, but i would like a blackcat account toooooo..


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