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Thread: Help with BNR2 Please!

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    Hello all,

    I've been playing around with BNR2, the freeware newsreader. There is one little problem that I have not been able to figure out on my own.

    When the program finishes downloading headers for the newsgroup I want, I access the database to list the headers. However, it only lists the headers going back for the past 30 days.

    Down at the bottom, it says that 652/650,000 something headers are being shown. I can search and browse those 652 headers, but the date range only goes back one month.

    I have not been able to find the setting that will allow me to access the header database further back.

    Any help or insight on how to deal with this will be much appreciated!

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    I think the setting is in Server Properties. Been a while since I used BNR2.

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    Hmm...still no go. This seems to be a great newsreader, I'm just frustrated that I can't find what seems to be a simple setting!

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    Sorry, what is your setting for:
    Group Properties/Settings/Bottom of the panel "Download at most"

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    It is unchecked. The newsgroup that I am interested in says "685,718" articles are "new," and I have not marked anything as read.

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    So little help forthcoming in here is evidence of how few of us still use BNR2.

    I've forgotten how to show all headers instead of show new headers.

    And I usually didn't get headers with BNR2, I used NZB's or XPAT. If I did get headers, I wouldn't let BNR2 try to expire old headers, because the database would crash.

    Some news servers have 30 days of retention or less, yours too?

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