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Thread: Requesting a KG invite

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    What I find so appealing to indie films is the fact that the only thing motivating their creation is the unadulterated desire of the artist to express and recreate reality based on his own metaphysical values and judgments. To me, the purpose of creating art is to reveal one's fundamental view of existence, uninfluenced by the opinions or values of others, thereby giving it value to the artist and anyone who wishes to partake in his experience.
    I wish to entertain myself in sharing with the artists their perspective of reality that I may learn from them and maybe even reevaluate my own version of reality.

    If you are considering inviting me to KG, please PM me. I'll provide 2 ratio-proofs and a speedtest.

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    Ok , pm me the proofs and your mail.

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    Indonesian bandwith is very bad,you need seedbox anak

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    Invite sent , please take care of your acc.


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