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Thread: Visual Basic 6 Dicompiler

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    So Far ive found about 3 and none have worked properly on my computer or need paying for, for like $160.

    Any1 no where i can find a good 1!

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    I don't think any working ones for 6.0 exist. I know that there are some for older versions that do work pretty good though.

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    dld visual studio

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    neotheone, do you even know what a decompiler/disassembler is?

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    this thread has too much brain power for me

    disimblember wot is that

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    lol, im sure theres a few that work, but they only get the forms etc from the exe file!

    does any1 no where i can find 1??? any at all????

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    this is a good one

    it will get you the forms and show the ASM code but its not a full decompiler
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