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Thread: Ok Bottom Line, Are There Any

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    same as topic cuz im not sure since i see alot...

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    I saw a PS2 emulator that was able to run PS2 Bios and a couple of demo games, but i dont think there is going to be one anytime soon 'cuz i saw The Dreamcast emulator ICARUS and it runned Soul Calibur at 20 FPS In a Geforce 4 TI so imagine how fast is going to be the PS2 Emulator

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    yeah as already said i dont think there is any emeulators for the systems, i did hear of a ps2 emulator, but as said it only ran a crappy demo of some crap game.

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    so basically put, no there are no xbox ps2 or gc emulators. ps2 is in development but a ways away.

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    ok, Got this from a few sites. has a XBaox emulator which as of right now onlt runs demos and opeds o few games. recently, however the emu was able to play the opening movie scene for turok. This emulator is rather new adn is developing quickly kep a look out for it to go big time mabey as early as next year.

    Playstation also ha it's fair share of multors including PCSX2 and neutrinoSX2. so far both can play demos an open several games.

    As for as th gamecube is conserned I don;t believe that there is enough demand for it. Just think of the Jaguar, it wann't emulated untill about a year ago simply due to a major lack of intrest.

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    There is a lot of info about nextgen emulation HERE


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