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Thread: Waffles

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    Any chance for a free invite? I'm a good member of all my trackers, so if you need proofs or anything just ask.

    I trust every one reading this thread will get the desired invites in 2008!!!



    Im closing the thread to avoid hijacking (thank you ser3oof), so if you have whithin your hear to invite me, please pm me.
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    and me i need 1 invite thanx man

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    Is it really that hard to get an invite?

    How the hell this site got so big?

    LoL, to think I got an OiNK invite for free in my first request.

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    Ok, lets appeal to a broader audience...

    One bump per day untill there is air in my lungs (or I get hit by a truk or something...).

    At least cinema paradiso fans will appreciate the drama.

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    i dont have yet invites for waffles but i think they are full for now..

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    bump #1

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    pm me your email

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    Bumpin bumpin :/

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    Just so you don't get hit by a truck or something in the mean time:

    We have reached today's limit of invites. Please try back later.

    Peace! Just a heads up for youz

    Will give a piece of my for

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