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    So I have been downloading mp3s for years, never dabbling in the art of high quality, lossless music. Since lately I have built up a decent buffer on Waffles, I decided to start downloading some of my favorite albums in FLAC to play on my home sound system to see if i could see a difference.

    After playing "Shes So Heavy" by the Beatles in both 192 mp3, then in FLAC, I became hooked.

    I am primarily downloading only lossless music now, but it is frustrating because Waffles is such a new tracker and isn't as strict about the certain specificities of uploading a high quality torrent.

    I have been looking at Pedros Lossless Tracker and it sounds amazing. I was hoping that someone here may have a spare invite that they may want to grant me. I would be happy to provide ratio proofs or any other information needed.

    Thanks for listening,

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    some screens, speedtest and i'll send you one...
    PM me


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