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Thread: How to open my own Public torrent tracker?

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    hey guyz , i really need some info about how to open my own public torrent tracker. and also is it easier to open public torrent tracker then opening a private one? please tell me all the things that i need to open a public tracker.
    thanks in advance

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    search for BNBT tracker.

    install it on your PC, (its a .exe so realy easy) put a donation link on it, change some settings, get a no-ip addy, upload a torrent or 2, stick those on mininova etc etc, and just hope for the best.

    one problem with public is (or was, ages since i was a public tracker) most peers will never come to your site, they will just download and start the torrent from mininova.

    Public BNBT site is a hell of a lot easier than a private tbdev site (and a lot cheaper).

    if your wanting a public site like mininova though, so just an indexing site, you will need their code or make your own, again though expensive for servers and bandwith etc


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