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Thread: Movie Playback

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    is it bad to have more than 1 compatable codec to play a movie? for some reason my movies havnt been as clear as they use to be. Ive instaled a few codec programs (nimo and kl codec pack) both i uninstaled and got the new version of klite codec. 2.04 or something like that. But i used gspot for instance on bringing down the house and it said i had 2 codecs to play the video (xvid video decoder and xvid codec) also 3 for audio. could this be why im getting diminished video playback?

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    is it quality of previous files that is affected?or is it possible its just the new ones arent as good quality ie tmd instead of ctp ?

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    ok so ive found out the problem. New movies (xvid) play fine. But older prexvid movies skip badly. This happend with a number of other pre xvid movies ive downloaded. American history x, xmen 1, dont be a menace in south central, Ginger snaps etc. What could be the problem?


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