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Thread: Who Is The Asshole

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    CrumbCat's Avatar Cachaša or Cachaša
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    May 2003
    Just a follow up to my previous topic which was closed by Bender:

    Bender Posted: 25 July 2003 - 17:40 

    Three Mods present and none of them deleted your precious posts.
    Ever heard of board errors, CrumbCat?

    Stop whining now and stop acting like you own this place. Start your own forum.

    And remove that signature, it's insulting to members.
    I don't believe the 'error' excuse - it's pretty lame, really! I saw the posts several times after they were made.

    I'm not acting like I own anything, just calling someone on their actions (though we will never know who did it)

    Remove my signature? They got what they deserved......the bitched and moaned and spammed my topic, so they stay on the list until I decide otherwise........but if you try asking nice, and maybe I'll consider it.

    And lastly - You make comments like you did and then close the topic - weak!

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    what do I put here? BT Rep: +10BT Rep +10
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    Australia N.S.W
    wait chill out mate don't let this crap get too you

    I agree with your signature they deserve it don't get rid of it

    as what BOT would say stop this spamming in musicworld

    just kidding

    I actully like your posts crumbcat I find new bands with them I see nothing wrong with them and they answered the question that has been asked and are constructive not one liners like some people, You post the album cover and rating I think its great

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    CrumbCat's Avatar Cachaša or Cachaša
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    May 2003
    Thanks, Hogster.

    Here's the thing - This is not the first time this has happened (are you surprised?), and entire topics have been removed as well. And in all of the previous incidents, the Mod who was responsible refused to admit to no, I don't believe the 'error' excuse.

    My signature is insulting? Good, that was the whole point, so I guess I successfully made my point. I think those who want it removed are just jealous they didn't think of a similar idea first!

    I have record of my posts, so I will most likely end up adding them back myself.



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