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Thread: Nero Ultra Serial: I Need Please Message Me

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    Yeah downloaded the big ass 330 mb bin but there's no serial in it could someone please pm me with a working seria? Thanks inb advance.

    Edit: Nevermind downloaded a keygen off irc. i should'nt have even bothered posting when these thing never seem to get viewed or answered.

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    i should'nt have even bothered posting when these thing never seem to get viewed or answered.
    It's not the fact that any of us weren't bothered to answer - It's because Nero 6 Ultra has been discussed much so recently that if you took even 30 seconds to use the search facility in the top-right, you'd have found your solution.

    Remember - Search first, then post. If you just don't bother look and post what's already been discussed, then don't expect it to be mandatory for another member to answer.

    But yeah - Members don't like to go through the same things 20 times a week. But they still could have been decent enough to go with your problem - I mean, it's (not) different from the rest, right? [/sarcasm]

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    Dude I had already looked through the post on it. What you siad makes no sense since serials can't be posted. Looking through the threads doesn't do anything asides find quicklinks and torrents for it. Shit anyone could just read the topic title and message someone a serial no real work involved.

    Edit: Upon a search I did find several people offering the serial. My bad you were partially right as a lot of threads in this request section have no replies and few views. Good thing i held off on calling you a fucking dirty smartmouth prick douche bag. It isn't neccessarily untrue though.


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