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Thread: Most shocking endings ever?

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    So I am trying to get a list of the most shocking movie endings of all time
    So far I have......

    A Space Odyessy
    Man on Fire (it was just good)
    Ocean's 11
    Reservoir Dogs
    Road to Perdition
    Running Scarred
    Terminator 3
    The good the bad and the ugly
    The Departed
    The Others
    The Usual Suspects
    6th sense
    The Village

    I need a couple, any help would be appreciated thanks!

    fight club to
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    LOTR: The Return of the King.
    I was shocked cause I didn't think it would ever end.
    The revelation that all the Hobbits were gay was a bit of a surprise as well.
    "I am the one who knocks."- Heisenberg

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    saw 1
    the prestige

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    Running Scarred-

    I like that movie, and shocking ending!

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    is everything.
    Yeah, all the usual suspects of course but I always like the twist at the end of The Fearless Vampire Killers, when the narrator tells us:

    That night, fleeing from Transylvania, Professor Abronsius never guessed he was carrying away with him the very evil he had wished to destroy. Thanks to him, this evil would at last be able to spread across the world.

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    All the SAW movies have shocking endings.....also Casino Royale. I was like "WTF, its over?" lol

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    The Others

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    Quote Originally Posted by clocker View Post
    LOTR: The Return of the King.
    I was shocked cause I didn't think it would ever end.
    The shocking thing is how shit the ending is, you can't watch 8 hours of footage promising an earth shattering struggle against an almighty evil sorceror and instead end it with a retarded munchkin accidentally dropping a ring. That entire final battle scene is completely pointless as the bad guys had already lost regardless of who won

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    Shawshank Redemption.....

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    The Fallen
    Deja Vu

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