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Thread: Anyone know any great websites for music?

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    I was wondering if anyone knew any great websites that are only music related. People discuss music, find new bands, read reviews etc...

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    to FIND new songs, you can use pandora (idk if it still exists) or is good because it tracks all the songs you listen to, finds people who listen to stuff like you, thers even forums and similar artists / songs and lots of fun stuff...

    also widgets like this

    and other flash / javascript radioplayer, top artists, etc

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    and see this one

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    3,366 (Will warn you that the hate runs rampant in their forums though)

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    each site kinda has a niche. - keeps track of your listening, makes reccomendations - similar to, but heavily iTunes related - in depth info on band bios, discographies and reviews, previews for some tracks - online streaming radio to find new stuff for you based on similar artists

    each genre of music will have thousands of forums dedicated to that type of music, so google away for 'jazz forums' or 'death metal forums' etc.


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