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Thread: Thread Display Mode: "Linear - Newest First" GLITCH!

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    I'm sorry, but it is really annoying when you have this displayed because of what I call a "GLITCH!"

    You see, after you post a comment in a thread with more than ONE thread, the "Submit New Post" button directs you to the LAST page, wherein the OP is. This is annoying, because you have already read the OP, else why are you posting!?

    I believe, and I am sorry to say this, that you guys up there should rewrite the code to direct us people who use this option to the FIRST page, wherein ONE has posted and wherein all of the LATEST (i.e. not EARLIEST) posts are!

    Thank you for reading this post and potentially considering fixing this glitch.
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    Write to not me.

    BTW, this is not a "glitch".

    Whether you're using Newest- or Oldest- First the software should still redirect you to YOUR post instead of the original post.

    You can just use Quick reply to get around this.


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